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This broken image rotator makes LukeChumley sad.

Studies show that 11 out of 5 pr0kkers prefer pr0kforums. The leprechaun told me so. He also told me some other things. Like this one time at band camp he told me to burn down the outhouse but I didn't want to but the leprechaun said "DO IT" so I did and I don't know what happened but I guess there must have been some gas in there or something 'cause the bathroon exploded and shit flew everywhere it was nasty it got all over my magic bag and I was like "EW!" but I washed it off and now it only smells a little it's a really nice bag very high quality with rhinestones and such that are really bright it used to be the leprechaun's magic bag but i stole it maybe that's why he wants me to burn things?

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    This broken Paypal button makes orac sad. Also, I liek paste. And large penises.

    to my dear flakums: I saved the HTML to the paypal button, but the damn auto correct thing kept reformatting it to plain text, let me know if you need it to fix the broken button. Do you still even own the codependentminion.net domain anyway?