imbed excell with music

From: Bonky (RMONSTER)24 Dec 2019 06:31
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so i need help. how to imbed an excel spreadsheet with music that starts automatically, nonstop.
i can provide the file and song, but would prefer instructions on how to do it myself. i already know how to imbed music in a single cell, but want it for the whole spreadsheet.

theres a bish i wanna piss off.

From: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE)24 Dec 2019 13:43
To: Bonky (RMONSTER) 2 of 3
Sorry, no clue.
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)26 Dec 2019 06:12
To: Bonky (RMONSTER) 3 of 3
Off the top of my head, not sure if any of this is doable...

Make all the cells link to that cell that has the music embedded?

Embed it into a floating text box then hide it behind the cells?

Run it via vbscript?