Make Webpages from Excel File

From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)19 Nov 2019 07:28
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So I have this huge excel file and I want to automatically fill in a page with data from that excel file. It's for my hot spring / bathhouse website. Basically I want to do it like a mail merge using office. I did it once into raw HTML then cut and pasted that HTML into a template... was a pain in the butt and didn't look good on the phone... I tried Squarespace but that costed too much and I had to mindlessly cut and paste.

So having something using (what PHP?) where the website pulls data from a database made from the excel file would be best. I could just modify the database to add new places and edit existing reviews. But that sounds like a lot more work than it would be worth.

I'm parking the site on Google Sites (its FREE) at the moment but I can't really expect to cut and paste HTML into that like I did before there. 

What are my options?
From: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE)19 Nov 2019 08:51
To: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 2 of 13
you may be able to do it with javascript.  My personal preference would be to have a java webservice returning json to the ui, but I don't know what you have running on the backend, or if you are using a 3rd party platform.
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)19 Nov 2019 18:34
To: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE) 3 of 13
Dumb question: I would need to get web hosting that supports JS right?

Then I would need some sort of WordPress like cms right?
From: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE)19 Nov 2019 22:14
To: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 4 of 13
i would stay away from wordpress as far as japan is from germany.
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)20 Nov 2019 07:25
To: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE) 5 of 13
No one likes WP. But some sort of site framework (for lack of a better word) is needed right?
From: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE)20 Nov 2019 09:11
To: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 6 of 13
If you know programming, you can build your own framework.
From: Arglex126 Nov 2019 11:33
To: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 7 of 13
Maybe a dumb question, but have you thought of dumping that excel file into MySQL?  
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 5 Dec 2019 10:12
To: Arglex1 8 of 13
Learning MySQL for my hobby webpage will take more time than redoing it by hand on Google pages. It's a hard calculation.

As I'm going to grad school next year I'm going to need to learn SPSS or R. Not looking forward to that.
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 5 Dec 2019 10:14
To: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE) 9 of 13
I was the hardware guy back in the day. Still am at my workplace now. I envy the programming skills you all have. The best I can do is some kick ass mail merge in Word.
From: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE) 7 Dec 2019 11:16
To: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 10 of 13
Dude.  If you can learn Japanese language, you can learn MySQL, Java, R, or any other programming language.  Just look at it as a foreign language with its own vocabulary, syntax, sentence structure, etc.
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 8 Dec 2019 02:50
To: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE) 11 of 13
Oh I could. Time is the issue. :D
From: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE) 9 Dec 2019 11:17
To: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 12 of 13
Do you have a sample of the excel file and what format you want the html?  I'll see what I can do for you.

From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)26 Dec 2019 06:16
To: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE) 13 of 13
Its cool for now. I'm enjoying getting it up on google pages. Thanks tho!

The v4 of the site when I host it myself and do it that way will come someday eventually... or ill just make it into a book. hahah