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From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)18 Nov 2019 07:22
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That's a fucking awesome idea... but I hate swimming and there are way too many fucking boats in the Osaka bay. Bust out MarineTraffic (like FlightRadar24 but for boats) and see how busy the bay is here in Osaka. My pal went from Nishinomiya to Awaji Island over 3 days for a trip that takes 2 hours by car across the bridge in a small sail boat owned by the CIA attache for the Osaka consulate. They had to use the small motor on the boat to get back due to weather and almost got killed by a huge freighter. Not a good scene.

However! If you ever come to Osaka, I totally recommend taking the ferry from KIX (Kansai Intl) to UKB (Kobe Airport) just for fun and the views. It connects to 100% man made islands and takes about an hour. Much more fun than the bus.

There is also a Kyoto loop that goes counterclockwise from about 4 to 7. If that makes sense. I connected the rest of it walking along some scorching river bottoms and hot streets for the hell of it on a 40deg summer day. That was stupid but I made a full circle in 5 hikes.

You can see all my hikes on Yamareco, a social media for hikers here in Japan. This link will show you a map. If you click on the pencils it will bring up a report.
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)18 Nov 2019 07:22
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I'll try it! :D