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From: Jen (HALFPINT1028)30 Oct 2019 10:21
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Back in 95-96 I attended votech for computerized Accounting. Of course, things have changed dramatically since that time. I'm thinking of working toward at least an associate degree. Any suggestions for online colleges. Yes, I know I'm old, but dreams do still come true!
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)30 Oct 2019 23:01
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This site lists a bunch of free online university courses, But I'm not sure if you can get credit towards a degree.

This site has courses you can take for free. Some are categorized as "credit eligible". I checked a few, it appears the average cost for a certificate from the course is about $50. Some of the courses that aren't marked credit eligible also offer certificates, so it's possible some schools might give you credit for these courses as well.

Inspired by this, I'm now listening to Sun Ra's lecture from his 1971 course at UC Berkley.
From: Insomnia31 Oct 2019 10:49
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I don't know too much about it, but I know a few people who used the University of Phoenix
From: Arglex131 Oct 2019 11:01
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WGU - Not for profit and accredited.