Is this the end as we knew it?

From: Insomnia28 Oct 2019 21:54
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Has Social Media killed our discussion forums?

yes: 9 Votes (50.00%)
probably so: 4 Votes (22.22%)
seems legit: 1 Votes (5.56%)
no way!: 2 Votes (11.11%)
stfu Toni: 2 Votes (11.11%)
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From: Insomnia28 Oct 2019 21:54
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Seems so overly quiet.... *drops a pin*
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)29 Oct 2019 03:44
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What if you could have the "social" of social media without all the insidious downsides?

Like this forum. Which is still online and working. We could start using it!
From: Insomnia29 Oct 2019 09:44
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That was my point exactly!!
From: Insomnia29 Oct 2019 20:27
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 5 of 36
I think this is going to take a bit longer than anticipated. 
Sad,  how we drifted from our forum 
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)29 Oct 2019 22:23
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Maybe someone who still participates on the Zuckerborg social media hellsite can post a message in the "pr0k" group there, reminding people that:

1. This site still exists
2. The forum software was just upgraded
3. Long time forum members are standing by
4. This site is better anyway

From: Insomnia31 Oct 2019 10:51
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 7 of 36
I been sending out messages to everyone I could think of, but yes, mayhap one message to the group would suffice 
From: Bonky (RMONSTER)10 Nov 2019 03:53
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In my defense, I've been out of town. 

A lot. 
From: Insomnia10 Nov 2019 15:42
To: Bonky (RMONSTER) 9 of 36
But you're here now, and that's all that matters 
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)18 Nov 2019 06:59
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I'm deleting FB at the end of the year. If the phone interface was better for the forum, I'd read this on the train rather than mindless blabbering on Twitter. I post on Insta but that's not really interactive. 

I'd like to get back to posting longer things. Twitter is the worst.
From: Insomnia18 Nov 2019 08:17
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Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I like seeing your posts on facebook, and the pics of you and Mia
From: sleepytomato (CHANGO)18 Nov 2019 08:38
To: Insomnia 12 of 36
Well I'll just post them here! Right... or a Discord? 

Time to start a new thread of cute photos of our kids for Toni. :D

But seriously. I can't deal with FB anymore and I'm not getting rid of Insta* which is just as bad just in a way that the insta people I deal with don't really get into but they do in a way its all kinda weird using SNS here. Heheh.

twitter: @sleepytako

But seriously x2: Let's do a discord.

And also... I was in Christchurch when the shooting happened and FB promoted that nutjob and provided him a forum and never took responsibility for providing such a forum. I need not to be on that shit. We all should quit it. So I'm leaving because Zukkerburgers basically helped kill 50+ people in a town that I love and my students and I were in at the time and he don't give a fuck.

*Yes I know insta is owned by FB. I kinda need it for my Japanese bathhouse obsession. It still is a good place to share photos of old bathhouses. On the down side, Insta has hardcore influences in young Japanese women, like the students I teach, and detrimental to their body images and self worth. Also, lots of Japanese insta models have been posing in bathhouses in a sexual manner which is not good for the hobby as a whole recently. Overtly sexualizing something that does not need to be overtly sexualized. So,  Insta will also be deleted in the near future I think.
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)21 Nov 2019 01:28
To: sleepytomato (CHANGO) 13 of 36
I have a few issues with Discord other than it just being another walled-garden social media network and therefor sucking in the same way as all social media networks.

One is that such networks attract enough users away from places like this forum, until there is no longer a critical mass of users. When this happens, the only choice if you want to socialize with your friends again is to join the social media network, too. This compounds the problem and those social media networks become the only viable choice.

Discord has been doing this to IRC for a few years now. Luckily IRC has enough diehards to carry on regardless. Still, it has a big effect of reducing the flow of new users.

Already that is enough to make me refuse to join it, or any other new social media network.

But my main issue with Discord is that in addition to their normal communities, it is also a haven for nazis, racists, and other hate groups. Discord is as unwilling and/or unable to deal with the problem as is FB. Even if social media networks were good (they are not), this is more than enough reason not to join or participate.

Here are some links:
From: Bonky (RMONSTER)23 Nov 2019 07:39
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yes ma'am. Checking in after my eastern seaboard run, first day back in Kentucky in over two weeks. Bless my wife's heart, I'm home again ;)
From: Insomnia23 Nov 2019 12:21
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I'm glad you're home again. I'm sure your family misses you when you're gone.
From: Bonky (RMONSTER)23 Nov 2019 12:27
To: Insomnia 16 of 36
well, mebbee the dog{bailey}. After the initial meet-n-greet, April went about her routine.
From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)19 Jan 2020 14:54
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 17 of 36
I can't get into discord.  I can't even state why, but it just feels like a foreign, hostile place.
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)22 Jan 2020 06:12
To: Plößl (BOTLROKIT) 18 of 36
I concur.
From: Moffell22 Mar 2020 17:48
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 19 of 36
HA! I finally remembered the password! I live! I live again!
From: Gawd Almighty (WHITEKNAVE)24 Mar 2020 17:34
To: Moffell 20 of 36
Congrats!  How's everything in your corner of the world?