From: angrychkn28 Feb 2018 23:29
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I was trying to track down vinylDEVO, and then I saw a couple posts on his facebook page. I contacted a couple of people, and this guy worked with him.

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From: Hoser 1 Mar 2018 07:38
To: angrychkn 2 of 6
Dammit, dammit, dammit.
From: ironic29 Mar 2018 15:58
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Well that sucks.
From: Insomnia29 Jun 2018 19:21
To: angrychkn 4 of 6

this still breaks my heart...
miss that guy so freakin much

From: Insomnia24 Apr 2020 20:09
To: BOOCAKE4U 5 of 6
I miss you so freaking much....
From: China Joe (CHINAJOE)26 Aug 2020 22:37
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I'm just now seeing this...  Man this brings back memories.. 

Respect, vinylDEVO. You're missed dearly.