I built a desk

From: Beowulf26 May 2015 11:14
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Living in a RV right now, 31' Fleetwood Bounder like the one from Breaking Bad. I've been using the dinette table as a desk, and with the new job and 2nd monitor that required, I was even more cramped for room.

So out came the table and cushions, leaving me a clean slate

First piece goes in, the monitor stand, but problems were found. I had measured incorrectly and all my plans had to be revised. Somehow I had measured 39" for this top monitor level and the actual keyboards were going to be a separate section suspended about 30" high....well, this is only 30" so suspending the other desktop was not going to work.

So plan Q (there were multiple revisions) goes into effect -

The plan starts to be realized...

After the 2nd day...

And by Monday evening...

Add a little LED light for the KB area...

and BAM! New desk is mostly done. I need to finish the trim next weekend and put shelves in the side areas. But for now I am set.
From: Moffell27 May 2015 10:55
To: Beowulf 2 of 3

That's kinda sweet Beo.

Personally I'm just about handy enough to put together an IKEA furniture.

From: Beowulf30 May 2015 03:09
To: Moffell 3 of 3
it didn't go perfectly, but it is sturdy and accomplished my goal, which was getting off of that damn table.