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From: TOS [#1]
 15 Jun 2011

quote: w00t feed Royal PF FridgeFrame 1.5" LCD Digital Picture Frame 2-Pack

Don’t think of it as a mere picture frame.
Think of it as a tool in your quest to lose weight.
You might look at this 2-Pack of Royal PF FridgeFrames with Motion Sensors and think you don’t have any use for it. But you’d be wrong, dear potential consumer, and we’re not just saying that because we happen to be trying to convince you to buy one.
Okay, that is why we’re saying it. But hear us out.
This thing allows you to upload photos. It sticks to the fridge via magnet (we still don’t know how those things work). With a little ingenuity this can lead to a brand new you. Say you’ve got a few pounds you’re trying to drop, but you just can’t bring yourself to cut the snacking. No problem!
Just upload some of the most horrific, terrifying, or soul-disturbing images you can find on the internet to your FridgeFrame! Then, every time you approach the refrigerator, said images will appear on screen due to the motion sensor. You’ll be too sickened to even want to eat!
Warranty: 1 Year Royal
Condition: New
Features:Additional Photos:In the box:
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