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 15 Jun 2011

quote: w00t feed First Alert ONELINK Wireless Smoke Alarm - 2 Pack

Hey honey! The perfect kitchen accessory!
Some people call them “smoke alarms.” You can call them “dinner bells.”
Not all of us get to be experimental chefs mastering different cultural cuisines. We’re not all foodies exploring bold new flavor frontiers. Some of us don’t even know that in order to eat healthy you need to shop around the outer walls of the store. A few of us take a frozen chicken breast out of the freezer, crank up the stove to HI, and throw that sucker in a skillet. No oil, either, just some crushed red pepper because that’s the only spice we bought.
And you know what? For some of us this 2 Pack of First Alert ONELINK Wireless Smoke Alarms is the only way we have of knowing when dinner’s ready. So sure, talk about how they save lives and protect your family against unimaginable tragedy and loss. Just don’t call us late for dinner.
On second thought, don’t call us. Really, don’t. Call take-out instead. That little Chinese place on the corner. They should recognize the number; just say “the usual.”
Warranty: 10 Year First Alert
Condition: New
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