w00t Xtreme Cables v1.4 6-Foot HDMI Cable - 2 Pack

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Like Little Serpents
Ah, cables. The link that ties good technology to evil.
There’s always a need for them, isn’t there? There’s always that brand new item that doesn’t come with the

in the box. Or maybe it’s there, but it’s cheap and poorly made. And who pays the price? Not the people in charge, that’s for sure. The price is paid by you, pricepayer. Just because they want you to know your place.
That’s right! In a fair world, there’d be no need for us to sell a two pack of Xtreme Cables v1.4 6-Foot HDMI Cables. We’d have items locked together like Lego bricks and feeding each other information THE WAY WE ALL KNOW IS POSSIBLE. But, instead, we’ve got to shell out some extra cash for these little strands of shielded metal, just so we can watch our TV shows in pure HDMI.
Is it really the 21st Century? Shouldn’t we be using telepathy implants or something? You really let us down, dreamers of the past. You really let us down.
Warranty: Lifetime Xtreme Cables
Condition: New
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel:
    - Consolidate video, audio, and data streams into just one cable
    - Enjoy the signal quality and ease of HDMI connectivity
    - This incorporates a data channel into the HDMI link and allows for quick two-way networking at up to 100 Megabytes per second
  • 24K Gold-Plated Connectors:
    - Gold contacts ensure the highest possible signal transfer and resistance to corrosion
  • Optimized Signal Transfer:
    - A large-gauge solid Oxygen-Free Copper conductor is used for an improved signal transfer, providing accurate sound and picture reproduction
  • Audio Return Channel:
    - Allows an HDMI-connected TV with a built-in tuner to send audio data upstream to an A/V receiver or surround audio controller, with no need for a separate audio cable
    - Provides increased flexibility and less cable clutter
  • Supports 3D Technology:
    - Venture into the world of 3D entertainment when you pair this cable with compatible A/V devices
    - This cable provides the throughput for 3D games and home theater applications
  • 4K x 2K Resolution Support:
    - This cable is capable of delivering up to four times the resolution of a 1080p display, on par with digital theater systems
Technical Specifications
  • Working temperature: -25-80 deg. C
  • Hi-pot: DC 300v 10ms
  • Contact Resistance: 3max
  • Speed: 1.3b High-Speed 10.2 gbps / 340 MHz
  • Cable Length: 6’
In the box:
  • (2) Xtreme Cables 71146 v1.4 6ft HDMI Cables
Price: $4.99