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 15 Jun 2011

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In Man’s Image
A palm-sized HD projector? You might call it… a miracle.
DELAND, FL – For the eighth consecutive day, crowds have gathered at the home of Tyler Delgado, 39, to witness what he says are miraculous visitations by a God-like figure calling himself Superzeus.
Every night for the past week, a high-definition image of Superzeus has appeared on the garage door of Delgado’s home, now re-dubbed the Superzeus Church of Tyler the Awesome. The vivid, high-contrast deity has commanded the gathered pilgrims to contribute offerings for “holy works” like the restoration of Delgado’s “Golden Chariot”, a 1980 Chrysler LeBaron. Superzeus, who only appears when there’s an unbroken line of sight between Delgado and the garage door, has also called on specific female pilgrims to remove their shirts.
Local and worldwide religious authorities call Superzeus a hoax. But that hasn’t swayed true believers like Candice Benton, 22, of Deltona.
“I used to be so lonely. Since I started coming to hear Superzeus, I’ve met the greatest guy,” Benton said. “And not just any guy, but a prophet! Tyler’s so much more spiritual than the guys I dance for at the Jiggle Room.”
Others say that Superzeus’s crisp, lifelike appearance proves that he’s the real thing.
“I believe my eyes, and Superzeus looks real to me,” says Randall Bruce Roach, 47, of Bunnell. “If Tyler was hoaxing us, he’d have to have a 1080i projector hidden somewhere, like, in the palm of his hand. And that just sounds impossible.”

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() {st_widget.create({itemCondition:'Refurbished',itemDescription:'Optoma Pico Pocket DLP Projector',itemPrice:'189.99',bannerStyle:'wide',widgetType:'quote',merchantID:'subscrip_014793207843'}); });</script>
Warranty: Optoma – 90 Day for Unit/30 Day for Bulb
Condition: Refurbished
Features:Connects to:
- iPod kit – share the fun from iPods and iPhones (Kit NOT included)
- Female USB adapter – project images and videos from USB flash drives
- Component video – for higher quality video and gaming
- Mini HDMI cable
Specifications:Optoma Pico Video Encoder is not Mac compatible
In the box:
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