w00t Acoustic Research 3 ft HDMI cable – 2 Pack

From: TOS15 Jun 2011 12:09
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When You Barely Care Enough To Give The Very Least
Here’s some HDMI cables. Happy birthday, Dad.
Yeah, alright, it’s just a construction paper card with a printed out marketing photo of a 2-pack of Acoustic Research 3 ft. HDMI cables in it. You’re getting the real ones, I don’t know, sometime later, I guess. Whatever. They’ll get here, okay? GET OFF MY BACK.
Well, I don’t know if you need them or not. Don’t you? Seems like everyone needs at least a couple with oxygen-free copper conductors or whatever to connect their hi-def audio and video components. What do you mean you don’t have any of those? What, am I supposed to keep track of every little piece of consumer electronics you have? Oh I guess a GOOD son would’ve bought you something fancy like a Blu-ray player or an HDTV, is that what you’re saying? Geez, Dad, can’t you see these things have got GOLD-plated connectors? GOLD, Dad. That’s, like, fancy and stuff. And maybe you can use them to tie up your other cords or something, I don’t know. If I had all the answers, you think I’d still be living in your basement and not paying your rent? I mean, dang.
Okay, fine, it’s FATHER’S Day, not your birthday. Same difference. Now you wanna go to White Castle and bond or something, or what? Seriously, I’d like to get back to being an ungrateful lay-about SOME time today.
Warranty: 1 Year Audiovox
Condition: New
  • Ultimate audio and video performance with gold plated corrosion resistant HDMI connectors
  • Offers improved performance and digital signal
  • Oxygen free copper conductors
  • 3 feet in length
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Corrosion resistant surface
  • Added flexibility and durability
  • Protected against noise and interference
In the box:
  • (2) Acoustic Research ES84 3-Foot HDMI cable