w00t SOG Toothlock VG10 San Mai Steel Pocket Knife

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Whatever You Say, Sweetie
Look, we all know you’re not going to use this knife in combat.
You’re also not going to take it on some trip to an alien planet, or through any lost jungles, or into the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs, or to the top of a skyscraper as you climb the outside while the police gather below. But if that’s what you want to pretend this SOG Toothlock VG10 San Mai Steel Pocket Knife is for, who are we to stand in your way?
You just pick the version you like best, and know that the Vg-10 san mai blade is very similar to the kind ancient samurai used back in the day. Maybe keep it in your front pocket as a good luck charm… we mean defensive tactical weapon. Maybe that serrated edge will help you take down a buffalo and survive on its meat during a long cold winter, or maybe the straight edge will catch the streetlight as you battle for a woman’s heart in a back alley near the docks. Or maybe you’ll just keep it next to your keys and worry a little every time you go to the airport.
Only you know which option is the most likely.
Warranty: SOG Limited Lifetime
Condition New
  • New technology merges with an assertive handle pattern that changes direction to match the tactile points on the hand
  • The blade shape is novel as well with a wavy reverse curve that cuts effortlessly while maintaining a thick reinforced tip for power penetration
  • VG-10 san mai blade is ground to perfection and is reminiscent of ancient samurai designs
  • Blade Length: 3” x .118”
  • Overall Length: 7.3125”
  • Weight: 3.3 oz.
  • Edge: Half Serrated/Straight/Black TiNi
  • Steel: VG-10 san mai
  • HRC: 59-60
  • Handle: GRN
  • Finish: Satin Polish OR Black TiNi
  • Includes Pocket: Clip
  • Country of Origin: Japan
Additional Photos:In the box:
  • SOG Toothlock Folder (YOU Choose Straight Blade OR 1/2 Serrated Blade)
Price: $49.99