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Every week in this space, we’ll take a look at the news and offer our own incisive blend of commentary, analysis, and poop jokes. The news you need, from a voice you can trust, in the 90 seconds you have to spare: that’s Woot Weads the Wire.
FORT PIERCE, Fla. (UPI) -- Florida police said they are searching for a pair of women videotaped stealing 75 sticks of deodorant from a Winn Dixie store.
Tragically, bloodhounds are proving useless.
BOULDER, Calif. (UPI) -- The males of two hominid species on the South African savannah more than a million years ago were stay-at-home types compared to the women, U.S. researchers say.
Archeologists note the one exception was bowling night, when the fat loud hominid would usually come up with some crazy plan that he'd drag the dumber blonde hominid into.
(YAHOO) Steve Jobs is set to be immortalized in pen and ink this summer with the release of a new comic book based on the famed Apple co-founder’s life.
Insiders suspect this is part of DC's new plan to create a strong nemesis for The Flash.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) -- A neo-Nazi political party in Sweden is offering free admission for children to a summer camp at an undisclosed location.
Those who have seen the activity schedule are said to be worried about the director's plan to challenge the nearby French and Russian camps to simultaneous softball games.
EVERETT, Wash., June 13 (UPI) -- Police in Washington state said a trio of crows are playing a real-life game of "Angry Birds" by dive-bombing officers outside a police station.
And in an unrelated story, a routine traffic stop ended with rock star Chris Robinson being shot 68 times.
BAY SHORE, N.Y. (UPI) -- Firefighters in New York state said they rescued a dog that spent at least two hours trapped on the roof of a home.
Sources close to the dog hint that his experience was ruff.