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 15 Jun 2011

quote: w00t feed iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum

Looking For Mr. Roombar
This is nice, isn’t it? I have to say, I was surprised when you called me. Most people who date robots prefer the kind that, you know, look like people.
I just keep thinking about all those times you came over to play cards with Len and Sherry. Of course I noticed you, but I never imagined you noticed me, way down on the floor in my self-charging home base. Well, there was this one time when I heard you ask Sherry about me. It made my heart leap. But then Sherry just started talking about how convenient I was, and how my counter-rotating Bristle Brush and Beater Brush work together like a broom and dustpan to lift hair, dust, and debris out of carpet. I just assumed you were interested in my cleaning abilities, not me personally. Glad I was wrong!
Wow, everything on the menu looks so good. I’d heard about this place, but it’s even nicer than I imagined. Well, except for the floors. It’s like they think they can slap down a brown carpet and forget about ever vacuuming again. Well, they can’t fool me. Like that smear of, like, dried holladaise sauce or whatever it is, over by that booth. See, if it was up to me, I’d really bear down with my Spot Clean mode, and I’d have that crud lifted up before you could say “new, improved filter”. See, that’s the difference between me and a regular old-
Listen to me. Talking shop in the middle of a lovely first date. Sorry. I just don’t get out much.
So, uh, have you seen any interesting movies lately? I haven’t. I’ve actually never seen a movie in a theater. Every time I try, I see all that popcorn and all those crumbs all over the floor, and I just can’t resist getting down there and sweeping it all up. Well, you can imagine the noise. I’m loud, I know. What can I say? I grew up in a loud family. You get us together, it’s VRRRR-VRRRR-VRRRR the whole time.
What? Go back to your place? Sure. Yeah, that would be fun. I’m not that hungry anyway. Um, yes, I did bring my Virtual Wall. And an extra filter. Yeah, I emptied my Debris Bin right before you picked me up. Why do you ask?
Oh. Oh, I see. So it’s like that. I guess I should’ve known.
Warranty: 1 Year iRobot
Condition: New
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