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 15 Jun 2011

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Ve Haff Vays Uff Makink You Listen
Heinrich, the speaker in Cell 101-G has malfunctioned again. Replace it immediately. And use a good one this time.
The speaker must be broken. And I don’t mean that in the way we mean it when we say such-and-such a dissident “must be broken”. I mean “I have to conclude that the speaker doesn’t work.” The inmate in 101-G slept right through last night’s indoctrination tape, and he did not respond to the morning wake-up scream.
I told the District Overseer that we should’ve installed a Pioneer 8” In-Ceiling Dual Voice Coil Speaker instead. Not only is it constructed to Pioneer’s celebrated high standard, but it houses a stereo speaker in one enclosure. He said it was too expensive – but that was then. Now it’s priced so that any secret police apparatus can afford it.
Am I sure it’s broken? Well, I suppose it’s possible that the inmate was unresponsive because last night’s interrogation went too far. But let’s check the speaker first. Those things are worth money.
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