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 15 Jun 2011

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Ladder Theory
Welcome to the corporate world, Ms. Cleveland! Here’s your ladder. Orientation is over there.
Ah, Ms. Cleveland, great to see you this morning. And you’re early, I’m so impressed! I can tell you’ve already checked in at the front desk because you’ve got your Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System and your name badge, so let’s go ahead and get the formalities out of the way, okay?
First of all, please note the heavy-wall aircraft-grade aluminum construction on your Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System. This means you can climb it and feel safe that it won’t collapse under you. But you also need to be aware that you can’t climb it past, say… that step there. Yes, you probably can’t tell from here, but this office has a glass ceiling, and we don’t want you to hurt your pretty head, do we? So if you need to go any higher, please, call one of the male employees and let them do it for you.
Now, I personally understand why you might be frustrated by that policy, so let me assure you that the Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System isn’t designed to interfere with your creativity in any way. If you take a look, you’ll see how it has many different configurations. A-Frame, Staircase, 90 Degree and Extension, all of them able to offer different levels of stability on different surfaces and different angles. Essentially it’s like owning 24 different ladders and, of course, you’ll be expected to handle them all while wearing skirt, hose, and heels. Preferably stilettos, but if you want to go with pumps for the first week while getting your bearings, we can look the other way for a bit.
So, I think that covers everything! I’ll just leave you here to start scaling that ladder then, and… oh, um, sorry, it’s my fault, I forgot to mention… can you, well, sort of… smile at all times no matter what? Yeah, because we don’t want anyone thinking you’re a, you know, the “b” word. Yeah, that’s it, keep that frown upside down. Okay, well, I’ve got to head over to the treehouse and repaint the “No Gurlz Allow’d” sign, so I’ll leave you to it! You enjoy your Little Giant 19’ M-22 Ladder System and I’ll check in later to see how you’re getting on! About 3:30pm? Great, then! It’s a date! See you on our date, honey! Hope I get lucky! Ha ha ha! Man, isn’t workplace equality between the genders terrific?
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Condition: New
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