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 15 Jun 2011

quote: w00t feed Snuggies Blanket with Sleeves and Booklight – 2 Pack

Hi, welcome to Cafe Kerouac! We’re a little different, so let me explain how we work, okay?
First of all, we don’t do “corporate” coffee, so you’re not going to see any crazy Italian drink names like those other places. Our drinks are named after Solzhenitsyn works, so you can get an “Ivan Denisovich” or a “August 1914” or a “Gulag Archipelago” if you’re really thirsty. And that comes with two free refills, so let me just say now, it’s the best deal.
We also assign everyone a Snuggies Blanket with Sleeves and Booklight. If you could just step over here? Don’t worry, they’re very clean. We just feel it’s a good way to show off who you are inside, while also keeping you warm outside. Like that guy by the cupcake tray. You can tell he’s no slave to the system. Or there, the girl near the Belle and Sebastian jukebox. Doesn’t the sleeved blanket go well with her My Little Pony sunglasses? Totally into irony, that one. For you, I recommend a lovely green. Uh, uh, uh, I didn’t say you had a choice. Trust me, green’s perfect for you, you’re quite and minimally esspressive.
No, we don’t ever say “ex” here. It’s just not proper coffee etiquette.
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