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 15 Jun 2011

quote: w00t feed iGo Universal 90-Watt Slim Notebook AC Adapter

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A roadie’s job is one part moving amps, one part keeping heroin dealers out of the bass player’s hotel room, and one part charging laptops.
The Crüe were the worst. I’d go into Tommy’s room, pull him out of that pile of exotic dancers, and hand him his Acer with a full charge. Twenty minutes later, there goes my beeper: Tommy needs another charge! Man, that guy could put away the voltage. Some hotel in Jacksonville sent the band a bill for $2,900. Not for damage to the room, just for electricity.
Now when you’re on the road with somebody like Slash, it’s less about mass quantities of current and more about being ready for anything. Guy like that travels with 12, 15 different laptops. Some of them are just for backup. Some he might use to write, like, one email. Some are just to look pretty on a stand. When Slash wants to use a certain laptop – HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, Lenovo, whatever – he’s not gonna wait around for the battery to charge. If you can’t hand him his laptop charged up and ready to go, somebody who can is gonna take your seat on the crew bus.
That’s why no roadie worth his laminate would ever go out without the iGo Universal Laptop Wall Charger. It keeps the laptops charged and the talent happy wherever the road takes you, from San Bernardino to St. Louis to Scranton. And if you swing the brick around by the cord, it’s pretty effective against heroin dealers, too.
Warranty: 1 Year iGo
Condition: Refurbished
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Price: $17.99
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