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 15 Jun 2011

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You Knife Me, You Really Really Knife Me
Meet the 2005 winner of the prestigious American Knife of the Year award. Man, we miss all the good awards shows.
“OMG did you SEE that sheath she was wearing on the red carpet? It’s like, why don’t you just go all the way, wrap yourself up in a napkin, and lay down on the table at Bob Evans to die?”
“Oh, I know! But I just loved that video salute to serration. All those old clips really captured that classic knife glamour.”
“Totally! I thought SOG Meridian Topo TiNi was fantastic as host. His hardcased black TiNi coated blade looked so hot! I just wanted to reach into my TV and grab that upswept blade with the wave-like grip surface!”
“Enh, I didn’t like him. I mean, just because you won the award in 2005 doesn’t mean you’re going to make a good host. Cutting heavy rope and hosting a major awards show are two totally different skills.”
“Really? You didn’t think it was cute when he sprung his SAT opening mechanism during the big musical number?”
“Nah, didn’t do much for me. But I’ll give him this: he was a lot better than last year’s host.”
“Well, duh. I mean, I would be a better host than Jimmy Fallon.”
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