w00t Sunpak Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip Handle

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Sonny Justice took hold of the pistol grip. He had a clear line of sight on Escobedo. All he had to do… was pull the trigger.
“Smile, sucker!” Sonny whispered as Sgt. Escobedo looked up, shaking his head.
“Aw, Sonny, man! I got mustard all over my face!”
Sonny laughed, letting go of his Sunpak Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip Handle. “Escobedo, you dunce! I had a perfect shot there! It was gonna make me famous!”
Across the park, Sonny’s partner, Tubbs Purebottom, cupped his hands to his mouth. “Don’t take that from him, Escobedo! Kick his butt! Ever since he got that tripod he’s been bugging everybody!”
“Aw, c’mon, partner,” Sonny complained, “I’m loving this thing! The bubble level, the three-position adjustable legs, the 360° rotating ball! Check out these prints I just got back! I’m starting to think maybe I could quit my job as a cop and make a living as a fashion photographer!”
Tubbs opened the package and stared. “Sonny, um… what were these photos for?”
“Oh, I talked the captain into letting me photograph his daughter’s First Communion. Pretty good, aren’t they? I haven’t seen them yet, but I’m pretty sure I can use them to get some professional work.”
Tubbs snorted. “For what, a shoe company?”
“What? Give me those!”
“Sure thing, partner. See? Dress shoes, high heels, I guess those patent leathers are the Captain’s daughter. Sure does look pretty, doesn’t she?”
Sonny looked at Tubbs. Then at the Sunpak Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip Handle. Then back at the photos. Then back at his partner’s face.
“I put the camera on wrong.”
“Oh, did you ever put the camera on wrong.”
Sonny lowered his head into his hands as Tubbs began to laugh.
“Don’t worry, partner! I’ll visit you when you’re directing traffic!”
Warranty: 1 Year Sunpak
Condition: New
  • Professional carbon fiber tripod with pistol grip ball head and quick release
  • Smooth single-action movement in any direction
  • Pistol grip, 360° rotating, ball head with trigger action
  • Padded quick release plate with locking platform
  • Rubberized hand grip
  • Reversible 1/4” - 3/8” center column platform screw and retractable center column accessory hook
  • Magnesium chassis with bubble level and accessory ring
  • Adjustable lift and lock center column
  • Semi-automatic three position leg angle adjustments
  • Carbon fiber leg sections, neoprene leg grips, and adjustable flip level leg locks
  • Rubber feet with retractable spikes
  • Supports up to 6.1 lbs and extends up to 5' 4"
  • Max. Height: 64 in (162.5 cm)
  • Min. Height: 12 in (30.5 cm)
  • Folded Length: 27.3 in (69.4 cm)
  • Weight: 4 lbs
In the box:
  • Sunpak PRO523PX2 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Pistol Grip Handle
  • Padded Tripod Case
  • Second Short 5.1” (12.9 cm) Center Column
  • 3mm Hex Key (For Flip Lever Leg Lock Adjustment)