w00t Criss Angel Street Magic Bundle

From: TOS15 Jun 2011 00:34
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4/3 Creepy Magician
When Creepy Magician is summoned, all cards currently in play are paralyzed with WTF for one round.
Wait wait wait, what do you mean this stuff has nothing to do with a popular collectible card game? But I thought this bundle had a Magic Card Case and a Secret Deck set. I was hoping to get my Mindfreak on against Zach’s Red/Blue/White Deck at lunch time!
Magic TRICKS?! You mean like the kind that one dude with the arching eyebrow and unbuttoned shirt that was always flapping around in the wind? The one that married the Victoria’s Secret model? Oh, these are from some other guy who… doesn’t like to blink? Um, okay. Well does Mr. Dry Eyes have super awesome synth-pop tracks playing in the back ground when HE does these various tricks? NO?! Geez, you are really not helping me sell these things.
Yeah, sure, they’re fine tricks and everything. But I’ll stick with my wicked fast Sliver deck. There’s a way better chance I might meet a girl that way.

Recommended for Ages 8+
Warranty:90 Day Woot Limited Warranty
Condition: New
  • Criss Angel has won numerous awards, including PSI Innovator of the Decade, IMS Magician of the Decade, and AMG Magician of the Century
  • The tricks have been featured on his TV series, Criss Angel MINDFREAK
  • All the tricks can be repeated multiple times
Magic Card Case:
  • With the Criss angel Card Case you have a case that not only holds a full deck of playing cards, but also because of its “hidden” secret can make cards change from one to another, restore torn up cards, and make cards appear and vanish mysteriously
  • Can be repeated multiple times plus 24 tricks
  • Official playing cards included
Money Printer:
  • The incredible Money Printer makes a blank piece of paper visually change to a real $100 bill
  • Can make a $5 bill change to 5 individual $1 bills, and much more
  • NOTE: No real money is included; you supply the bills
  • A number from 1-60 is freely thought of by a spectator
  • You MINDFREAK the spectator by revealing that your prediction matches the spectator’s choice exactly
  • As seen on Criss Angel’s TV series MINDFREAK
  • Can be preformed repeatedly with different outcomes every time
MINDFREAK Secret Deck:
  • Allows you to perform 100 MINDFREAKS with this special secret deck
  • It’s a must-have for anyone who loves card magic
  • Looks like a regular deck but contains a hidden “secret”
  • You’ll look like a professional MINDFREAK
Penetration Pen:
  • A pen is pushed through the center of a bill until its entire tip can be seen on the opposite side
  • The pen is dragged down, along with the hold it creates, and off the bill leaving NO hole in the bill
  • Works with any bill
  • The pen can be examined
  • Can be repeated multiple times
Coin Nested Trap:
  • A signed coin mysteriously vanishes and impossibly reappears “trapped” inside the inner-most box of a nest of closed bloxes
In the box:
  • Criss Angel CACARD24 MINDFREAK Card Case
  • Criss Angel CAMONY24 MINDFREAK Money Printer
  • Criss Angel CAMFRK24 MINDFREAK Mental Freak
  • Criss Angel CADECK24 MINDFREAK Secret Deck
  • Criss Angel CAPEN24 MINDFREAK Penetration Pen
  • Criss Angel CACNTP MINDFREAK Coin Nest