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From: TOS [#1]
 15 Jun 2011

quote: w00t feed Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop

“It’s Not Working?”
What do you mean “it’s not working?” You don’t mean Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop, do you? I only just bought you that thing!
Well what are you doing standing there so sheepishly for? What’s wrong with it? Is it not vacuuming or spraying solution for wet mopping at all? And for Pete’s sake, it’s like nine o’clock in the evening, Karen! What the heck are you cleaning the floor for in the first place?
Wait a second; are your eyes puffy and red? Have you been crying? I hardly think a broken floor cleaner is something worth cry for, Karen. Did you try flicking the power switch on and off? The guys at work are always telling me to do that with my computer, so maybe that’ll do something. Maybe the rechargeable battery isn’t charged all the way, have you thought of that? Or perhaps the removable dirt bin is too full or the filter needs replacing or…
Huh? Oh! You meant our marriage isn’t working. Well that’s a relief. So the Bissell Vac and Shine Wet & Dry Mop is fine, then? Thanks goodness for that. But yeah, you are absolutely right about the marriage thing. What a total disaster that’s become, huh? I’m surprised I didn’t have the courage to say something first!
Warranty: 1 Year Bissell
Condition: New
Features:In the box:
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Price: $19.99
I want one!


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