w00t Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer

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Mother, I won’t be going to school today.
Yes, I know it’s sudden, but you see, I have a severe fever. Here, take a look at this Maverick Thermometer. It clearly says I’m Well Done, and that’s got to be more than enough to get me out of school for about a week. Oh, um, cough cough cough.
Well, no, Mother, I don’t know why the whole house smells like a roast. I’m sure it’s completely unrelated to how this Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer… I mean, Maverick Thermometer for schoolchildren shows that I can’t go in to school today. Here, take a look at the LCD display. See? The receiver here clearly shows… wait, wait, Mother, don’t look in the oven… okay, well, yes, that is a thermometer that can transmit signals, but you know what’s important here? What’s most important is that you understand this was all really just a cry for help. That’s right, I just wanted more attention. So why don’t we take the day off and go to a water park? Huh? Huh?
All right, fine. But leave the Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer in the oven, okay? I figure even if it cools down by the time I get to school, I’ll still be Medium Rare, and maybe I can at least get out of that pop quiz.
Warranty: 90 Day Maverick
Condition: New
  • Programmable radio frequency food thermometer
  • Remotely monitor the time and temperature of food cooking in the oven or outdoors from anywhere in your home
  • Programmed to measure Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, and Turkey
  • Programmed thermometer levels tells you when it’s Well Done, Medium, Medium Rare, or Rare
  • Talking function is a voice prompt to alert the user while the temperature is within 10°F range of the target temperature or the temperature reaches the target temperature
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display); Displays all icons, temperature. LCD diagram shows detailed information
  • Clip; Removable clip allows you to be mobile, Clip the receiver unit to belt
  • Operates on 4 AAA batteries; 2 in receiver and 2 in base (batteries included)
  • Stand; Swings out and allows you to stand the receiver on tabletop
  • Displayed food temperature range: -10°C to +210°C (+14°F to +410°F)
  • Displayed temperature resolution: 1°C (2°F)
  • You can override the presets and select your own target temperature using the UP or DOWN arrow whenever you are in thermometer mode
  • Remote Thermometer registers temperatures as low as 14°F(-10°C) and as high 410°F(210°C)
  • Amber Backlit LCD
  • Voice Alert tells you “Your food is ready” and “Your food is almost ready”
  • Monitor food from up to 100 feet away
  • Six meat pre-sets and four doneness settings
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Receiver rests in Transmitter when not in use
  • Easy-to-use Push button Controls
Additional Photos:In the box:
  • Receiver
  • Base
  • Thermometer Probe
  • 4 AAA Batteries