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It Was Months Ago, Get With It
See that product name, right above the “I Want One” button? Yeah, there are spoilers there. Deal with it.
If you didn’t find the time to watch Tron: Legacy in the theaters, or on DVD, or on Blu-Ray, or via some downloaded AVI or through the iTunes store or Netflix or Redbox or pretty much a million different ways, well, we’re sorry we ruined the surprise that the cool guy without a face who was in every advertisement but never given a name was actually Tron. Our bad. But c’mon, at this point, the burden’s really on YOU.
And for that matter, if you don’t mind us taking a little digression from talking about this Fathead Tron Vinyl Wall Graphic that’s designed to stick to any wall and look cool, when did everyone get so nutso about spoilers? Let’s face it, if we all should have learned from Lost that these people just make it up as they go, or draw from previous sources. Spoiler for Green Lantern: at one point he’ll run out of power and have to recharge his ring just before he dies! Spoiler for Captain America: he’s gonna kill a whole bunch of Nazis! Spoiler for Doctor Who: eventually he’ll regenerate! Did any of that make you want to stop enjoying the show? No? Then why should knowing some other obvious detail matter?
So yes, this Fathead Tron Wall Graphic is of Nu-Tron, and you know what? Get over it. Because if you like how it looks, you’re gonna enjoy it on your wall. And if the only reason you care about something is the tiny two second feeling of surprise when the most obvious answer gets revealed to be the truth, maybe it’s time to just admit the stuff you’re watching isn’t really that good.
Warranty:90 Day Woot Limited Warranty
Condition: New
  • Better than a poster, much bigger than a sticker, and tougher than a decal
  • High definition image made of tough high-grade vinyl that’s tear and fade resistant
  • Safe to put up over wallpaper
  • Move it and reuse it anytime and it won’t damage your wall
  • Sam Flynn Dimensions: 3'5"W x 3'10"H
Additional Photos:In the box:
  • (1) Fathead 74-74533 Tron: Legacy – Sam Flynn 3’5”W x 3’10”H Wall Graphic
Price: $24.99