I am not gay

From: Groktar (FLAK) 9 Apr 2011 23:20
To: ALL1 of 23

...and I secretly want Pete's cawk in my butt. Discuss.


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From: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 9 Apr 2011 23:24
To: Groktar (FLAK) 2 of 23
You should be more open-minded.
From: [CH33S3N1GG4] (MANDELBRO)10 Apr 2011 03:30
To: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 3 of 23
[09:29] * MandelBro penetrate Groktar
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)10 Apr 2011 03:42
To: Groktar (FLAK) 4 of 23
Tell us what happened.
From: Beowulf10 Apr 2011 04:41
To: Groktar (FLAK) 5 of 23

Well, I guess i won't be fucking YOUR ass anytime soon.

Who is next on my list?

From: Groktar (FLAK)10 Apr 2011 19:34
To: ALL6 of 23
You're all missing the point of the non-free speech folder :(
From: Jacfascist (JACFLASH)10 Apr 2011 19:53
To: Groktar (FLAK) 7 of 23
My ass hurts from so much gayness.
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From: Beowulf11 Apr 2011 02:33
To: Groktar (FLAK) 8 of 23

Oh, i remember the POINT, but somewhere the ABILITY was lost.


If I rape your bunghole, you won't be gay.

Jou will just walk funny for a bit.

I can still edit, but that's probably because I can edit everywhere...you don't have the edit button anymore?

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From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)11 Apr 2011 10:41
To: Beowulf 9 of 23
yeah, I lost that ability, too.
From: beermunk11 Apr 2011 20:52
To: ALL10 of 23
Beo, try again.

Botlrokit, your privileges, like your ruby slippers, where always there...
From: MooBoy (I-LIKE-APPLES)11 Apr 2011 21:38
To: beermunk 11 of 23
I too have no ability to "Non-free"ify anything.
From: Beowulf12 Apr 2011 02:50
To: beermunk 12 of 23

My freedom of speech is still infringed!

(Much like my anal virtue)

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From: Moffell12 Apr 2011 09:49
To: Beowulf 13 of 23
Who knew, hemorroids as an Anal Penetration Protection System. Someone tell Apple.
From: beermunk12 Apr 2011 10:18
To: MooBoy (I-LIKE-APPLES) 14 of 23
Hmm - I don't understand, you have the necessary check marks in the correct boxes...
From: Feed the (ZUDZUG)12 Apr 2011 10:32
To: beermunk 15 of 23

Remove, save, add back again.

And a spoonful of JacFlash jizz makes the world go around.

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From: Jacfascist (JACFLASH)12 Apr 2011 10:35
To: beermunk 16 of 23
Yeah, the permissions are kinda funky sometimes.
From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)12 Apr 2011 10:48
To: beermunk 17 of 23
all I gots is "Reply" and "Quote".
From: Moffell12 Apr 2011 11:01
To: Plößl (BOTLROKIT) 18 of 23
all I gots is "Reply" and "Quote".

Quotin dis
From: Beowulf13 Apr 2011 02:58
To: Moffell 19 of 23
quote: Moffell
quote: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)all I gots is "Reply" and "Quote".

Quotin dis

Still infringed.

(and my bunghole is sweet and fragrant)
From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)13 Apr 2011 11:34
To: Beowulf 20 of 23

I guess I'll never get to edit other peoples' words again. :(

Or spend any time with Flak's anus.

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