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From: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN)16 Nov 2010 13:05
To: ALL1 of 9
I am reviewing and revamping the complete set of pics in the rotator,
  • removing duplicates,
  • removing animated gifs,
  • enforcing a maximum width of 1024 (but no maximum height as IMO it's horizontal scrolling that is annoying, not vertical) by shrinking wider pics,
  • merging multiple related pics (it bugs me when I see just one of a series),

and possibly removing borderline NSFW pics.

None of those currently in the rotator are a problem for me (obviously, since I'm the filter), but I think the rotator is cool and I want to make sure everyone can enjoy it without fear if they want to.

There's almost no nudity whatsoever, and for most if not all of the borderline ones you'll think "What's the big deal?" Generally, if I put a picture in the silly pics thread (and eventually the rotator), it's because there is something cool/funny/artsy/interesting going on besides a hot chick. If not (and sometimes even if so), it goes into the NSFW posts.

Below I've tried to pull out all the pics which could conceivably be a problem. Let me know if you want any of these removed. I've grouped them accordingly so that this might also help establish guidelines for the future.

faces (nothing overtly sexual except that the girl was hired/photographed for her attractiveness):

barely more than faces:

body parts or physical prowess glorified:


revealing clothing that actually reveals nothing:


bondage implications:


EDITED: 22 Nov 2010 13:11 by LIGTYMN
From: Feed the (ZUDZUG)16 Nov 2010 14:11
To: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN) 2 of 9
Work is pretty lax about these sort of things. Women send me nudity from time to time. It has to be funny though, it can't just be nudity for arousal purposes.
From: _ (V1M)16 Nov 2010 15:30
To: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN) 3 of 9
None of those would cause me any trouble at work.
From: Jacfascist (JACFLASH)17 Nov 2010 10:34
To: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN) 4 of 9
None of them display for me, so they must not be too troublesome :) Thanks for the time and effort investment!
From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)17 Nov 2010 12:06
To: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN) 5 of 9
No issues for me.
From: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN)17 Nov 2010 18:17
To: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 6 of 9
Whoops, I finished cleaning up the folder, part of which involved renaming all the files, without thinking about how it would kill those links. I'll fix them when I get home.
From: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN)17 Nov 2010 22:25
To: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 7 of 9
files are reuploaded and the links work
From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)18 Nov 2010 10:31
To: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN) 8 of 9

The second bondage implication pic might be a bit too much for some people's workplace.

I don't even know wtf is going on in that picture.

(But she's fucking hot.)

From: Kune Dog (LIGTYMN)22 Nov 2010 22:01
To: ALL9 of 9
2nd bondage pic removed, all pics from this year added. There are now 3152 pics in the rotator.

Here are the deleted gifs if anyone wants them: