Admin powah

From: Groktar (FLAK)19 Jan 2009 18:25
To: ALL1 of 41

Does Celeron needs admin powah?

Yes: 10 Votes (58.82%)
No: 7 Votes (41.18%)
17 users and no guests voted.
Poll has ended
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From: Groktar (FLAK)19 Jan 2009 18:25
To: Groktar (FLAK) 3 of 41
I am not bound by this poll.
From: Beowulf19 Jan 2009 18:29
To: Groktar (FLAK) 4 of 41
What would be the point?
From: Walt (WALT_HOWE)19 Jan 2009 19:55
To: Groktar (FLAK) 5 of 41
About time you had some order around this place. A community run forum is never a happy one.
From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)20 Jan 2009 00:08
To: Groktar (FLAK) 6 of 41
I dun get it. Voted anyway.
From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)20 Jan 2009 04:08
To: Walt (WALT_HOWE) 7 of 41
where the hell did you come from
From: Jacfascist (JACFLASH)20 Jan 2009 04:12
To: Groktar (FLAK) 8 of 41
I think the issue for some is more like: should flak be the only one with admin powah?
From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)20 Jan 2009 04:13
To: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 9 of 41
I think you should be our official mascot. Ass-less chaps will of course be required.
From: Jacfascist (JACFLASH)20 Jan 2009 04:15
To: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN) 10 of 41

I'm down with that.

But truth be told, I've really got a bad feeling about this change.

From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)20 Jan 2009 04:25
To: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 11 of 41
You think Flak is serious?
From: Jacfascist (JACFLASH)20 Jan 2009 04:27
To: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN) 12 of 41
He said in chat last night that he took all the other admin's rights away. I do hope he wasn't serious - I'm not an admin, I don't know. Maybe I just didn't get the joke.
From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)20 Jan 2009 04:30
To: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 13 of 41

I was an admin. Now I am not.

I guess he's serious.

From: Feed the (ZUDZUG)20 Jan 2009 04:45
To: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN) 14 of 41

Serious about what exactly? He's always been serious about breaking the forum software. (Bitch to Flak)

Other than that, I've never seen him serious. He always played his jokes to the end though.

So we had too many admins?

From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)20 Jan 2009 04:50
To: Feed the (ZUDZUG) 15 of 41

I dunno. It doesn't really bother me. I only wanted it when the whole Ringy fiasco was going on and I needed to edit personal info he was posting about me. Other than that, I've only used it two other times to move threads when people asked for it. I like having it, but it's not really necessary.

I don't see the harm in it. No real reason to change it unless someone was doing things they shouldn't be. Then just remove that person.

From: Feed the (ZUDZUG)20 Jan 2009 04:56
To: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN) 16 of 41
The reason why we had many admins to start with was so we could have someone to act quick any time of the day if shit hit the fan. It proved to be useful several times already.
From: Pr0k1burn (PETE1BURN)20 Jan 2009 04:58
To: Feed the (ZUDZUG) 17 of 41
Yeah, I remember a few of them.
From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)20 Jan 2009 05:44
To: Feed the (ZUDZUG) 18 of 41

Only benefit of having more than one admin is to clean up something that may be accidentally inserted... a NSFW pic that needs to be linked, not inlined. Flak can't watch it all the time.

However, I've never been an admin, and I'm totally satisfied without it. I just say "fight club", and hope that someone sees what I see.

From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)20 Jan 2009 05:56
To: Feed the (ZUDZUG) 19 of 41

Leck48, beermunk, hoser, pete1burn and myself had admin. I don't know why flak decided it was time to make these sorts of changes after 6 years of nothing going wrong.

I suppose it makes sense to take hoser off the list due to non-participation, but in general I really like the idea the the forum has more than one admin. This keeps egos in check and makes the forum better.

From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)20 Jan 2009 06:01
To: Jacfascist (JACFLASH) 20 of 41
But truth be told, I've really got a bad feeling about this change.

Me too.