From: TOS14 Dec 2007 21:42
To: ALL1 of 6

This forum is under my control

All glory to TOS.

From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)14 Dec 2007 22:03
To: TOS 2 of 6
From: Bonky (RMONSTER)14 Dec 2007 22:18
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 3 of 6
Indeed, Hypnotoad......

When did you change your name to TOS and register an alias?
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)14 Dec 2007 22:37
To: Bonky (RMONSTER) 4 of 6
TOS is flak.
From: Bonky (RMONSTER)14 Dec 2007 22:59
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 5 of 6
I was addressing the Hypnotoad, TOS, and his alias.

PS, I like beer and monkeys.
From: Insignificant (SSX21)15 Dec 2007 01:36
To: Bonky (RMONSTER) 6 of 6
MMMMM Bear flavored monkeys.