pr0kforums problem

From: [CH33S3N1GG4] (MANDELBRO) 3 Oct 2007 03:07
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when I go to load in my browser I get

wtf is that...I have to load pr0kforums now from a direct link in a message notification email

it happens in both ubuntu and vista

From: gone (MARY) 3 Oct 2007 03:13
To: [CH33S3N1GG4] (MANDELBRO) 2 of 5

it happened to me yesterday when i deleted my offline files and had to type in the address again. got the php install - then i went into email and it pulled it up that.

here at home, since i still have it cached - it appears to be okay i guess.

but - you are not alone, happened to me yesterday at work.

From: krissy (JUSTKRISSY) 3 Oct 2007 04:15
To: [CH33S3N1GG4] (MANDELBRO) 3 of 5

been happening to me too.

just use:

From: [CH33S3N1GG4] (MANDELBRO) 3 Oct 2007 04:22
To: krissy (JUSTKRISSY) 4 of 5
oh goody that works
From: Tom Sawyer (TOM_SAWYER) 5 Oct 2007 09:37
To: [CH33S3N1GG4] (MANDELBRO) 5 of 5
I saw it also, thought it a fluke but seems to be working fine now