*forum status*

From: Groktar (FLAK)28 Mar 2007 10:38
To: ALL1 of 8
This is just an update concerning the current forum weirdness. I believe that they moved us to a new server on 1/22/2007 but failed to delete the old account. Somewhere along the line they jacked up their dns servers (lol?) and we all got directed to the old site.
From: rellik28 Mar 2007 10:39
To: Groktar (FLAK) 2 of 8
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)28 Mar 2007 10:43
To: Groktar (FLAK) 3 of 8
So we fell through a hole in the internet protocol continuum and ended up in an alternate universe?
From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)28 Mar 2007 10:44
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 4 of 8
did you have a chair growing out of your head for 27 hours?
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)28 Mar 2007 10:46
To: Plößl (BOTLROKIT) 5 of 8
Like this one?
From: Groktar (FLAK)28 Mar 2007 10:49
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 6 of 8
Sort of, only the borked forum was the REAL universe and we're now back in the alternate one.
From: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON)28 Mar 2007 10:53
To: Groktar (FLAK) 7 of 8
Like when Zaphod went through the total perspective vortex...
From: beermunk28 Mar 2007 16:33
To: ninety-ohm bedistor (CELERON) 8 of 8
I like that picture better when it's a collage of hundreds!