Tennessee's looking better & better.

From: .. (53NORTH)24 Nov 2006 23:19
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..to anyone living within 5m of sea level.
From: beermunk25 Nov 2006 04:28
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Rumours that share prices in wetsuit manufactures have soared while house prices in Norfolk have plummeted, following the announcement of this alarming development, remain unconfirmed at time of going to press.

FUCK, some people are stupid.
From: _ (V1M)25 Nov 2006 06:53
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Norfolk's a pretty nice place. Unlike Ipswich; global warming can't flood that place soon enough.
From: Plößl (BOTLROKIT)25 Nov 2006 10:36
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Hmm... looks like we need to genetically develop horses with webbed feet soon.

fuck a duck...
From: _ (V1M)25 Nov 2006 11:35
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That would be pretty cool....
From: .. (53NORTH)30 Nov 2006 03:03
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We have regular flood warnings for Hull city centre on a Full Moon.....the sea at the resorts is lapping at the top step of the bulwark defences, has risen about 50cms and tidally washes a good 2m higher than this time last year.
From: rellik 3 Dec 2006 09:44
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From: rellik 3 Dec 2006 09:46
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dont we have the technology to do that shit by now? they gotta be able to split genes and give horse cocks to squirrels n shit if they wanted to.
From: .. (53NORTH) 7 Dec 2006 02:42
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There are perhaps one or two TV satellites running dry every year...there was a plan for the shuttle to refuel them (they need occasional thruster spurts to keep in geo-stationary orbit)...perhaps they could just 'park' them between the Earth and the Sun...every little helps..

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